Portland Gateview Elementary

School Nurse

  • Ruth Dickens, RN

Office Staff

  • Beth Gregory
  • Joyce Roberts
  • Rhonda McDowell

Primary Assistants

  • Andria Goostree
  • Janice Neely
  • Erin Braden
  • Jessica Zimmerman

Resource Assistants

  • Marie Drahus
  • Chelsea Cothron
  • Chanda Gregory
  • Kendra Hanson

BLAST Assistants

  • Hailey Hall
  • Crystall Lovell
  • Danielle Tenore

CDC Assistants

  • Kayla Brons
  • Sara Cotton
  • Tammi Calvert
  • Madison England
  • Therese Odom

Preschool Assistants

  • Anna Bryant
  • Nicole Litle
  • Brooke Luna
  • Angie Wilk

Title Assistants

  • Anita Ellis
  • Jena Estes
  • Sabrina Tucker
  • Teresa Wilkinson

Head Custodian

  • Adrianna Holt

Childcare Director

  • Carla Sadler

Mission Statement

Sumner County Schools commits to growing learners who are college and career ready through quality instruction, effective use of resources, building a collaborative culture, and strong leadership.

Vision Statement

Portland Gateview Elementary and its stakeholders strive to create a safe learning environment, providing every student with opportunities needed to progress academically, socially, and emotionally.