Portland Gateview Elementary

PGE School Registration Info

Have A New Student Starting at PGE?

Registering is a two-part process for Sumner County Schools.  You will need to register both online AND at the school. Please see detailed information below. 

Step 1 :: Registering Online

Please choose one of the following options to register online:

 If you require assistance with Skyward, you may visit the Sumner County Online Registration Guide.

Step 2 :: Registering at the School

The following documentation is required for enrollment (per Tennessee State Law & the Sumner County Board of Education):

  • Registration Forms
  • Driver’s License -or- State ID
    • For identification purposes
  • Tennessee Certificate of Immunization
    • Must provide before starting class
    • Out-of-state immunization certificates must be transferred to a current TN Immunization Form at the Sumner County Health Department or a Doctor’s Office. 
  • Certified Birth Certificate
    • “Mother’s Copy” is NOT accepted
  • Two Proofs of Residency
    • Address must be in the Portland Gateview Elementary school zone
    • Must connect directly back to the address in which you are claiming to reside
    • Must be in the primary custodial parent’s name
    • Accepted Proofs of Residency
      • Legal Document or Lease for a specific address (notary public or typed/handwritten letters from landowner are not accepted)
      • Current bill assigned to specific address
        • Accepted: electric, gas, water, landline telephone, and cable bills
        • NOT ACCEPTED: cell phone, credit card, or insurance bills
      • Builder contracts or letters MAY NOT be used as Proof of Residency
  • Custody Papers (if applicable)

Additional Registration Information

  • Residency
    • A Truancy Officer may verify your residence at any time during the school year.
  • Custody
    • If your child is not living with BOTH biological parents, we must have a copy of custody papers to verify that the child is living with the primary residential parent.  This is for your child’s protection, as well as to protect the school from liability.  Frequently, copies of these papers that you may have given a previous school will not be in your child’s school record.  Some schools keep these in a separate file and do not transfer them with student record.
    • If there is anyone whom your child should not have contact, you must furnish us with documents to declare that. 
  • Birth Certificate
    • Your child must be registered under their name given on the birth certificate.  If there has been a name change, please supply us with either a copy of the new birth certificate or the court order of the name change.
    • TN Code Annotated 49-6-5106 states, “Use of name of birth certificate - A student shall be enrolled in school under the name that appears on such student’s certificate of live birth, or certificate of birth by adoption, if such adoption occurs prior to the child’s entrance into school… Court-ordered name changes will be entered on the student’s record upon receipt of appropriate court document.”
  • Withdrawal from Previous School
    • We will request records from your child’s previous school. 
    • You will need to go to the previous school to return all books and pay any outstanding charges. That school may hold school records until this is done and we will not be able to receive the information from them that we need.
  • Lunch Waiver
    • If your child was in the program at the Sumner County School from which he/she is transferring, then the program will still be in effect here.  If you are transferring from a school outside Sumner County, you must reapply on the Sumner County form.  If you have a child in more than one school, the application only needs to be filed at one school.  Several days may pass before your application is approved, so you will need to provide lunch for your child until the approval is finalized.  Any questions about the lunch waiver program should be directed to the PGE Cub Café manager.

If you have questions regarding enrollment, please contact our Joyce Roberts, our attendance clerk at Joyce.Roberts@sumnerschools.org.

Mission Statement

Sumner County Schools commits to growing learners who are college and career ready through quality instruction, effective use of resources, building a collaborative culture, and strong leadership.

Vision Statement

Portland Gateview Elementary and its stakeholders strive to create a safe learning environment, providing every student with opportunities needed to progress academically, socially, and emotionally.