Portland Gateview Elementary

PGE Student Mentoring

Administration & Student Relationships

The school administration believes that student advocacy begins when students walk in the school doors.  Each morning, the principal and assistant principal are in the front and back of the school greeting students. This provides students an opportunity to form relationships with administrators.  As students filter to their classrooms each morning, adults are stationed in the hallways not only to direct students, but also to create meaningful bonds.

Student & Student Relationships

Our mentoring program at PGE is helping to create stronger student to student relationships.  Upper grade classrooms are connected to lower grade classrooms.  Specific times have been opened for these classrooms to get together monthly and build student relationships.

Class Pairings By Grade

Kindergarten & Third Grade

      • Gailbreath / Robinson
      • Gregory / Warner
      • Hoffman / Richards
      • Mink / Husky

First & Fourth Grade

      • DeGeorge / Welch
      • Tuttle / Pszernski
      • Johnson / West
      • Boca / Thurman
      • Corbin / Watson

Second & Fifth Grade

      • Willard / Pre-K Peers
      • Popick / Porter
      • Coker / Maxwell
      • Wright / Bilbro
      • CDC / Curtsinger

Monthly Mentoring Program Goals & Topics

August :: Getting to know you

September :: Commitment (make your dreams happen - goals)

October :: Speak with Good Purpose (speak honestly and kindly)

November :: Failure Leads to Success (learn from mistakes)

December :: Ownership (take responsibility for your actions)

January :: Flexibility (be willing to do things differently)

February :: Integrity (match behavior with values)

March :: This is it! (make the most of every moment)

April :: Balance (live your best life)

May :: Celebrate successes

Mission Statement

Sumner County Schools commits to growing learners who are college and career ready through quality instruction, effective use of resources, building a collaborative culture, and strong leadership.

Vision Statement

Portland Gateview Elementary and its stakeholders strive to create a safe learning environment, providing every student with opportunities needed to progress academically, socially, and emotionally.